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Hi, my name is Claudio, I love Jesus, and worship is that thing I do... like every day. So I'm hosting a podcast doing just that.
I believe that worship can be expressed in many different ways. Music is only one of them! In Worship Sessions we like to explore some of these expressions.
The podcast features live music and prophetic worship with different guests. The photography section contains a slightly different expression of worship as I capture my surroundings from different angles.

Worship Sessions was born in prayer, seeking to have an influence in the online world. Everyone involved in this project does it for free and the content available in this website is free for you to enjoy*. But if you really like what you find here, please consider supporting WS by becoming a patron. By doing so, you will also be supporting my current project, since all my work is done in a volunteer basis.

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Alternatively, you may wish to buy my songs. Just go to Songwriting, choose the song you like and click "download" in the player.

*you can download and use WS content for your own purposes too, as long as you don't alter it.