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I love God and live to glorify him, and my mission is to get others to do the same and to get worship going where there is none. I have a passion for worship. I write songs, play my guitar and sing anywhere I can with the hope that someone will join in.

My main job is as a full-time volunteer working with local churches to encourage and support their work through prayer and worship. If you want to stay up to date with my current project you can subscribe to my personal newsletter.

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Current Projects

Praying for Northern Ireland

A couple of years ago I felt God telling me to pray for Northern Ireland... and that I was to do so while living there! So I'm currently based in NI, where I support a couple of different ministries through prayer and worship.

December 2017 Update

God is doing amazing things in NI and after 4 months in Chile working on my visa I am now back in the country for 6 more months. I've moved to a town called Portadown where I'm helping the minister of the Dumcree Parish Church develop a new vision for prayer and worship. I'm also still connected with 24/7 Prayer Ireland, leading worship in a boiler room in West Belfast.

Past Projects

OM Ships

Between 2005 and 2008 I worked as part of Operation Mobilisation on their Ships Logos II and Logos Hope. I did a few different jobs on board including deck work and public relations (line-up).


In 2009 I moved to Weymouth, UK, to do a pastoral apprenticeship for 2 years with what then became my home church, The Prayerhouse. These guys are awesome!
At the same time I was also studying Theology at Moorlands Bible College in Christchurch


In 2014 I lived in a small town north of Marseille for 6 months to learn French and do some networking for my next project (Northern Ireland).