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A collection of songs I've written over the years

*Check back for new uploads*

The Story Behind The Songs

Glorious Grace

This is the first song I ever wrote, back in 2008 when I was serving on board the Logos Hope. I was worshipping by myself one night and I felt Holy Spirit giving me these words. I had never tried writting anything before but this felt like something I could one day share with others so I put it down on paper. I woul love to do a live version of this someday with a full band!

Your Love is Loud

I wrote Your Love is Loud in Drumcree, Northern Ireland in May 2017 as I interceded for the town. My home church in England was there in the '90s worshipping and praying for peace (google Drumcree's history and you'll understand). In June 2017 they came back, this time praying for the healing of the heart. There's been much hurt and division in this place and so there is a big need for forgiveness and reconciliation, which starts with healing damaged emotions.